The Verve 'Space Echo' A1 Print.


Image of The Verve 'Space Echo' A1 Print.

A1 size print - a large 60 x 84 cm - of the 1997 classic designed at Microdot.

The Space Echo itself was a piece of equipment used by Nick McCabe, the device records incoming audio to a loop of magnetic tape, then replays the audio over a series of several playback heads before it is erased again by new incoming audio.

The sticker on the front of the machine which reads ‘The creative answer - The Verve’ originally read ‘The creative answer - Roland’.

Each print carries the Microdot embossed stamp, is dated and personally signed by Verve designer Brian Cannon.

Printed in the North of England onto 250 gsm silk art paper.

Sent via insured courier - UK = £5,
Shipping to USA = £15