Oasis Prototype Logo Print


Image of Oasis Prototype Logo Print

Oasis prototype logo print. 50 x 70 cm - 20 x 28 inches.

Photo of the only existing copy in the world of the very first Oasis logo. Designed at Microdot in 1993 (we designed the finished version also).
The font used was based loosely on the Adidas logo font, however, from a distance the word looked too much like 'Oosis' and so was changed to the iconic logo known today.

Print is limited to 100 copies, each embossed, dated 1993 and signed by Oasis sleeve designer Brian Cannon.

Printed in the North of England onto 250 gsm silk art paper.

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Sent via insured courier - UK = £5, rest of world = £15.


Image of Oasis Prototype Logo Print